At each stage of the product’s journey, we devise strategies to add excellence.

Our Producers
To qualify for the program, producers must have control and authority over their whole supply chain.

Our products are made to the highest standards. Laboratory testing is carried out to ensure that each batch complies with relevant standards, including domestic and international standards as well as those of the destination country.

Code of Practice
Our Code of Practice was originally developed for the olive industry and is now expandable to many other whole food industries. It details on-farm requirements and continuous improvement principles. By encouraging best practices on-farm we can build quality into our products from the beginning.

Every bottle, jar or pack, carries a unique label with a QR Code linked to a cloud based authentication system. For those customers not familiar with QR codes a web address is provided.

Totally Transparent Provenance
Once the product has been authenticated, the customer can access a complete profile detailing when, where, how and by whom the product was made. He can also call up laboratory test results, certifications and awards.

Two Pronged Sales Structure
We have two sales channel structures which we refer to as Macro and Micro. Macro platforms are those which are established nationwide and have been driving e-commerce in China for the last few years. The Micro networks are local neighbourhood networks designed to generate grass roots sales on a more personal level.

The One Minute Video
A separate QR code has a very fast link to a cloud based video which “introduces” the producer and his farm. There are no menus or clicks to contend with, the connection is immediate.

Education Based Marketing
All marketing, whether carried on websites, social media sites or through dynamic postings, is based on science and education. We believe that Chinese and other Asian consumers value knowledge over hyperbole and tend to make their purchasing decisions based on recommendations from their peers and from experts.

No Middle Men
Australian Authentic owns the products until they are sold to the customer.

Achieving a Fair Price
Our sales strategy is designed to achieve a price which is commensurate with the available volume and quality. We embrace both small and large volumes, recognising that supreme quality produce is finite.

We believe that when a customer chooses to spend money on a product, he gains an entitlement. For example, that the food is entirely safe; that what is stated on the label is true; and that he or she has a right to know where, when, how and by whom it was made. The Australian Authentic program aims to
honour this entitlement.